Monday, October 27, 2008

Time Warp

It's 1943 and America had the ration system. Who would have ever thought? This little grocery store was a one-stop-shop complete with an in-house post office.

Somebody should bring retro back. Kelloggs boxes looking cooler than they ever did.

Nestle's Crunch? 1943? The first time I saw it was a whole 50 years later.

Beef Stew: a dime and 4 ration points. Heinz Apple sauce: 11¢ and 2 ration points.
A glimpse of the 15¢ price tag on a pack of Lucky Strike: Priceless.

Not only did this nice old lady, narrate exactly how the ration system worked but how it first started with the Great Crash of 1929 and then the war. She gave us great insight to how the yanks struggled through it and how she was seeing history repeat itself. Hats of to this resident of Michigan for doing a great job at the museum. She told me that she did her little part to help the US economy too. Her new car was one from the 'Big Three'. I'm all for Patriotism, but as far as cars go, I'd rather be Japanese

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I like the way you write, simple. and i like the fact that ur pictures speak more than the underlying text.. :) oh and the sunrise pictures are breathtaking!