Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ride for food programme

 What a Chuduku is to the Goma tribe, a hummer is to the West. It is a cross between ingenuity and poverty and is seen as tool that aids family welfare.
 This scooter-like contraption, made of eucalyptus wood can carry up to 250 kgs of anything with relative ease replacing a beast of burden in this impoverished society. Maybe this post will make a more meaningful Thanksgiving for those of you celebrating it. Two wheels do move the soul.
And oh Happy Thanksgiving!

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Personal Jesus

I had the opportunity to visit a traditional Goan house a few months ago and along with alcohol cellars, the other thing that got my attention was the presence of God in the form of clay and glass frames.

In keeping with the hippy atmosphere of Goa, this painting had a psychedelic touch

But a not-so-little tabernacle in the corner of a room had sketches and paintings of all the saints in the Catholic church and oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Sometimes I wonder why the fanatic word is always paired up with religions other than Catholicism.

Dirty, slow and heavy!

When you're landing a plane this big with a few hundred people and disaster relief material at ten and a half thousand feet, a sick crosswind and just about 10000 feet of black stuff, you've got to be dead accurate. And these guys do it everyday.

Not sure if this is pic jeopardises national security, and if it does I'd be glad to take it off

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Brittown...the DVD

They say Japanese motorcycles made up in horsepower for the character they lacked. With the British motorcycles it was ride, wrench, repeat... just they way i like it! Brittown showcases a staunch Britbike aficionado who eats, sleeps and lives motorcycles draped in the Union Jack. It's on my wish list... if you have it... I'd like to borrow it. If you don't, get it. It's worth it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

When in Ambur...

Eat their biryani! Ambur a little hell hole in Tamil Nadu is famous for it's leather tanneries and shoe shops, but thanks to the Nawab of Arcot who once had his capital near here, their Biryani is what makes it a hot spot when you're passing by. Chicken, mutton or beef you can pick, but make sure it's at the Taj restaurant, it's just one of a kind and sometimes a little hard to spot.