Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Georgia, why?

Driving up 85 in the
Kind of evening that has a big bright moon
Just stuck inside the gloom
4 more exits to see it depart
I am tempted to keep going on and ride
And leave it all behind

Am I living it right?
Am I living it right?
Am I living it right?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eight hours of fast!

The Suzuka 8-hour is a big deal for the big four

The physically draining race is a playground where emerging talent is noticed and where some established racers are forced to race to fulfill contractual obligations.

Not sure bout you, but I'd like to at least once, race through the night and watch the sun peek over the horizon as I'm putting in some fast laps. Bloody Surreal!

Pics: Honda

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Breakfast of Champions...

James Hunt beat Niki Lauda to F1 crown in 1976. But he'd often beat his friend and motorcycle legend Barry Sheen to the number of BA Air Hostess they could bed at the Tokyo Hilton. One of the most charismatic drivers to ever grace the F1 grid, JH claimed to hate racing, and would get violently ill, throwing up and trembling before a race. His remedy...stitched on the badge on his race suit.
JH was married to Suzy Miller for a few years before she left him to marry Richard Burton, who was so smitten by her that he offered to pay Hunt the $1 million divorce settlement. Hunt was just happy that Burton had "taken on the most alarming expense account in the country" And they say the 2010 F1 championship is fun!!!


The Magic of Flight

Little winged 'M' badge on the tank, two wheels in the air and a smirk on the rider's face. Love the straight faced woman's expression the most though. Just another day in the pillion seat.

LIFE: Wake up, get moving, enjoy the ride

Via: Cay Broendum's cool blog