Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jack O'Lantern... My first.

It is my first 'real' Halloween, and what better way than to spend it with an all-American family carving a pumpkin. It was tons of fun, and i got a little carried away towards the end trying to enhance the eyes on my bumpkin head. But as Beth and Ash kept re-assuring me, there's no such thing as an ugly pumpkin. And boy, those pumpkin seeds are 'tasty', aren't they Jimmy?

Jimmy was at it like a pro, his Irish ego made sure he picked the most complicated design, his American ways made sure his Jack O'lantern kept up with the times

Here's what the Pumpkins turned out to be. Mine a little more traditional along side Jimmy's state-of-the-art design. Beth was right after all, there's no such thing as an ugly pumpkin, just scary ones.

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