Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wish list #27

After the much random 'Random Thoughts', I've decided to start the 'Wish List' series. Seen here are things that -  I own, ought to own, or need to work harder so some day I will be able to own them. So feel free to lust after, buy some of them, or even maybe send me one in the mail.

Kicking off this series is Deux Ex Machina's 'Deux X Makr Tool Roll'

Deus says it is 'Designed to accomodate all the tools you’ll need to strip down an engine by the side of the road. 8 spanner pockets, 7 socket pockets, 2 utility pouches for drivers and the stash.'

If you don't own one yet, too bad. They're sold out.

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