Sunday, March 20, 2011

Build em... Ride em...Build em again

First built as a track bike, this motorcycle has slowly been put
together over the years and will now assume a more street
legal form. Some say barely...I beg to differ
Money is dwindling, but braided hoses are in order

I wasn't keen on the rear disc but they say it's 'unconventional' to
have an alloy and a spoke wheel on the same motorcycle. Maybe they
need to get out a little!! Or maybe i need to stick to my ways to
save myself the trouble

A 14mm Nissin master cylinder will put the brakes on the front.
Thank God the spares from Japan are finally getting used.

Timed, tuned and tweaked, this motor should be a whole lotta fun

Stay tuned to see how the build turns out, or if you're in the area,
swing by to see it, touch it or hear it. BRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPP

thanks to Pablo for the great lenses, without which the pics would absolutely suck

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