Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crash and burn

This is no Valentino Rossi post and this is definitely no MotoGP. It's real racing, real men and real roads. It's Guy Martin coming over Ballagarie, or Balla-airy, or Balla-scary as he calls it, at the Isle of Man. Senior TT: Hot Lap: 170mph or 272 kph

Martin comes over, he looks like a plane.

He loses the front end and goes up in flames

There's fire everywhere, even the bales are alight.

The man was on a hot lap, he's now on the medic flight.

Here now lie the mangled remains.

They ain't never going to put that rear wheel together again.

Now that's Guy in his Sideburn tee, telling us all that he's ready to go out and conquer Creg-Ny

Guy Martin's the real deal. A ballsy road racer who knows how to push the limits and does it without hesitation. He suffered scuffs, bruises, a punctured lung and  broken ribs. He was on his second lap in the Senior TT with the first being his fastest ever: 131.108mph. He'll be back racing at the Isle of Man in a couple of weeks. Says he's ' not sure how you can find the will to live watching day time telly, so whether it kills me or not im off back to work.' 


Thierry Vincent said...

Definitely, The TT is a killers race... Or a race that kills. Sir Dunlop know it better than everyone. Still, to me it remains the #1 motorcycling event of all times and places. And I'm still yet to witness it myself.
Thanks Josh for this article ! Hope you're doing well Mister Chai Racer ;-)

Manohar singh said...

i think bigger the thrill bigger is the risk :)