Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seven reasons to spend Summer in the US

In India, each of these would be close to six figures. In America...

$800 - H1 Triple, stock motor, aftermarket chambers, missing front fender

$900 - Famous Elsinore 250, fresh engine, needs a little tweaking to run like new

$550 - GT750, Completely unmolested and hasn't been started in years

$500 - CB750 Running and comes with donor bike too, for all your spares

$800 - DT175 Enduro, Kitted out and ready to go. Needs indicators.

$300 - TS250, In storage for 25 years, comes with original owners manual

$800 - SL125, 85% Complete plus all NOS parts to get it complete

1 comment:

eersfanpilot said...

Yes Yes Yes. You are going to lose this bet so bad. I told my dad about it and he started laughing. He thinks you will be riding bitch on my bike by day 2 also! lol

I like the H1, Elsinore, and TS250. Can't wait till you get over here and we get to tear apart one of these gems. :)