Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wagging the Wheel

I found this pic while rummaging through my home computer.Now i know i'm usually one to brag, but this one's serious. I pulled out of the pit garage for the first time back in Jan 2006. Bike was just built and hurriedly put together for this track day. It arrived late and i had to put it all together coz i had only one day of riding. Carbs on - check. Fairing on - check. Bolts secured - check. Shit!!! I forgot the Motul. Borrow some - check. Fire her up. Braap braap braap. Warm up - check. Get on, engage first and pull out of the second garage in the pits. I've wrung it just over half way and this is what happens.

Crossed up and SCARED SHITLESS.
It's such a great feeling to put blood sweat, time and money to build something that scares you each time you get on. And if you break it, you know can do it all over again.

You can be part of madness just like this. The guys at indiMotard Adventures who organise these track days are at it again and will be having a proper race school in the coming months. Stay tuned for more.

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