Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tales Of The Twisted Throttle

Dirt, mud, river, rocks, slush, twisties, tarmac, trails... Yes, I was out riding.

Those kids happened to catch my eye as i blazed past. They were doing what was the equivalent of Noodling but they'd beat any redneck at it, for the fish were about 2 inches long.

The irony of the red-neck(ish) situation is that the kid to the right appeared to be the other kid's 'Man Friday'. He wasn't allowed to speak to me even though i conversed in the local tongue and it took a bit to persuade Friday to stand in on the pic too. No prizes for guessing who caught the fish. ;)

Trip cost:Rs 508.50
Distance covered: 327km
Total time: 6 hours
The sticker on the side of the bike is of a friend's Motorcycle Adventure company IndiMotard Adventures. Must see!

PS: Excuse the poor quality pics, they were off a E50 cell phone camera. :)

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