Monday, February 9, 2009

City of Blinding Lights

It's been a couple of months of down time and I'll admit I was just plain lazy. But none the less i found time to shoot a couple. It's odd that you take things in your city for granted, but through the lens they find new life. Here's Mumbai City through my looking glass.

The Victoria Terminus is probably one of the oldest, busiest railways stations in the country. And for those of you who feel the need to remind me that it was renamed i feel the need to raise a suitable number of questions and fingers. Anyway, this building was designed by Frederick William Stevens after he saw a sketch by Sweedish draughtsman Axel Haig. They say the draughtsman's spirit roams freely in and around the building. ;)

I bet nobody knew this little piece of information. The Asiatic Society of Bombay (pic above) which was founded in 1804 houses one of the two surviving manuscripts of the Divine Comedy written by Dante in the early 1300s. The leather bound manuscript was donated by Mountstuart Elphinstone, who was the Governor of Bombay, to the society. In 1930 Mussolini of Italian fame offered the Society one million pounds for the book. Of course the Society declined and we have what is the best kept copy of the Divine Comedy in our city. Yes it's condition is even better than the other one in Milan. Bet you didn't know that!!

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